Cloud Storage Compared

Cloud Storage Compared: How to Choose a Cloud Storage Provider

Cloud Storage Compared: Criteria for Selecting Cloud Service Provider

Using “cloud” storage, we has replaced the floppy disk online. Also though cloud manages back up files and syncs them with your various computers and mobile devices online. Cloud storage services provide read and compare services. Ask some questions to you, when choosing a cloud provider; find online storage based on your needs. Here we will discuss on How to Choose a Cloud Storage Provider.

Drop box:

Drop box is one of the online storage. It is allowing free service for Pro and Team accounts. Dropbox provide 2GB storage for pro account and for team account 1 TB. Rate of Pro accounts $10 per month for 100GB of storage. But you can earn free storage on to Dropbox by connecting your Twitter or Facebook account to drop box and using Drop box’s camera, you can upload feature on your phone. There is no size limit for file upload in drop box. Dropbox also keeps history for every file stored with the service for 30 days.


Box specified 5GB of storage for free accounts. Sign into Box through you can receive a free upgrade of storage space up to 50GB. When you want to File uploads in the free account, it has limited size is 250MB. If you want to switch your free account to paid account for that rate of 25 MB storage space is $10 per month and for 50GB of storage space cost is $20 per month. You use this app on both desktop and Smartphone.


Cubby is another storage service which is organized by LogMeIn. In Cubby service, free accounts contain 5GB storage space and you can earn up to 25GB. While Paid accounts has 100GB of free storage space its cost is $7 per month. You can upload unlimited file. DirectSync feature allows you to sync unlimited amounts of data between computers directly.


SkyDrive is Microsoft’s storage service. It launched 25GB of free storage of this software, but new users get 7GB. You can increase your limit of storage by paying $10 per year. SkyDrive has available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, and Android apps. You can keep your files for sync in it. SkyDrive has the ability to create and edit Microsoft Office documents using the SkyDrive website.


SugarSync is providing similar feature of Cubby by offering you to sync any folder with the service. And also you can move files and folders to a specific location. Sugar Sync’s free account comes with 5GB of storage space. When paid accounts give 60GB of storage space by paying $7.49 per month and for 100GB in $10 per month. In these apps you can store larger business plans.

Amazon Cloud Drive:

Amazon publishes its own storage service called Cloud Drive. Cloud Drive offers you to store any file type related to music. A free account has 5GB of storage capacity. For Paid accounts, you should pay $10 per year for 20GB storage space and for 1000GB storage space you should pay $500 per year.

Google Drive:

Google Drive allows to users 5GB of free file storage. You can change free plan with by paying cost $2.49 per month for 25GB storage space and $4.99 per month for 100GB storage. In Google Drive, no file size limit for uploading content on your account. You can edit any types of documents through Google Drives. This service is also available on mobile phone.


Cloud storage service of Apple is called iCloud. iOS and OS X users use 5GB of free storage space. Cost of 20GB is $40 per year and for an extra 50GB storage’s rate is $100 per year. iCloud will back up your iOS device automatically and store documents. You can sync data between iOS and OS X.

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